Functional gynecology

Genital dryness

Genital dryness is normalized in postmenopausal women, i.e., those who have gone through menopause. However, it can also occur during any stage of a woman’s fertile life (childbirth, for example).

The consequences of the appearance of genital dryness outside of menopause can be, among others: states of hypoestrogenism (amenorrhea), chronic use of hormonal contraceptives, after childbirth or breastfeeding, and after oncological treatment with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

In addition, women who have had both ovaries surgically removed to treat or prevent cancer, for example, are more prone to vaginal dryness.

The symptoms associated with this pathology are uncomfortable and may present as: abnormal vaginal discharge, vaginal burning or itching, pain during sexual intercourse and frequent and painful urination. Vaginal dryness is associated with repeated vaginal and urinary tract infections.

In the integrative gynecology consultation, a global study of the woman is carried out, analyzing her case in depth, and all the therapeutic options available are evaluated for a completely personalized follow-up.

Non-surgical treatments

  • Local or systemic hormonal treatment
  • Moisturizers, moisturizers and lubricants
  • CO2 Laser
  • Genital radiofrequency
  • Hyaluronic acid for hydration
  • Autologous plasma rich in growth factors
  • Autologous plasma rich in growth factors with hyaluronic acid

Genital dryness

Frequently asked questionsa

Is it normal to have vaginal dryness?

It is not normal to have dryness. Like the mouth, the vagina is a structure that must be moist and have certain pH conditions to be healthy.

Can I prevent vaginal dryness?

Yes, vaginal dryness can be prevented and treated, and in consultation you will be given all kinds of recommendations to treat it.

What do I do if I have vaginal dryness?

You should consult your referring gynecologist and not perform any treatment on your own. It is preferable to wait a few days until I can see you, and thus make a targeted and effective treatment.

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