Gynecological treatments

Today’s women have other concerns, desires and needs. We are masters of our body and our time. We care about what we eat, what we breathe, what we feel.

My treatments are designed to fit your needs and problems in an integrative way, treating you as a whole, not just as a vulva and a vagina. For this I count on the latest technology in the market and the best professionals in areas such as nutrition.


Gynecology and Antiaging Medicine

Knowing what you need and what concerns you is my job, offering you all the technological and scientific advances, my obligation.

It is a technique that aims to homogenize and harmonize the appearance of the skin of your genitals. No anesthesia is required during the session.

Administration of autologous growth factors obtained from your own blood to achieve tissue regeneration.

Labia majora volumization consists of the application of hyaluronic acid with the objective of increasing the volume of the labia majora.

It is an injection of hyaluronic acid that aims to hydrate skin and mucous membranes to improve their appearance. The procedure takes only 10 minutes.

It consists of using a light to the vagina or vulvar skin to improve the tone, consistency, circulation and thickness of the skin and mucosa .

Radiofrequency is applied in the area of the vagina and vulva. It is a treatment that does not require anesthesia and with which you will obtain results after the first session.

Reabsorbable tensor threads are placed in the genitals with the main objective of strengthening genital structures in a non-surgical way. Immediate results.

Electromagnetic stimulation in the pelvic floor area achieving more than 12,000 supramax contractions per 28-minute session.

It is based on the application of a neurotoxin in the vaginal musculature. It is applied in the vaginal area and the duration of the procedure is 30 minutes.

Gynecology and anti-aging medicine

Women’s needs have changed in recent years. With anti-aging medicine, a functional and aesthetic improvement is achieved that favors the quality of life of patients.