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Genital clearing

Genital lightening is a simple and painless technique that aims to homogenize and harmonize the appearance of the skin of your genitals.


Changes in skin coloration due to hormonal imbalances, tight underwear, overweight, prolonged rubbing or friction, depilation, aging, genetics, pregnancy…


Vulvar labia majora, mons pubis, groin, thigh root, perineum and perianal area.

Treatment time

20 – 40 minutes

Type of anesthesia

Not required

Frequency of treatment

Repeat only if it reappears

Level of discomfort



The social and occupational recovery is immediate, after the end of the consultation. Results are noticeable after the first session.

Genital clearing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have the treatment?

The treatment should be performed if you have noticed that the coloration of your genitals, groin or thigh roots has darkened or is not as homogeneous as you would like. Generally, this usually appears as a consequence of friction of the area, use of absorbents (compresses and panty liners), hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause) and metabolic problems (acanthosis nigricans).

Any recommendations for taking care of my intimate area after treatment?

The use of a vulvar depigmenting maintenance cream is recommended as part of the treatment, as well as addressing the origin of the hyperpigmentation. Generally, a treatment with supplementation is associated to improve and prolong the aesthetic effects.

What are the risks of genital clearing?

The treatment is completely safe and meets all quality standards. After treatment, the area may experience some irritation, redness or discomfort. It generally subsides after 24-48 hours.

Are there any things I need to take into account for the treatment?

In order to perform the treatment, you should only take into account that you cannot perform it if you have any skin lesion at the time of the procedure and that you should keep a genital mask for at least 2 hours at home, after which time you should remove it with a shower.

Let us reclaim the beauty of our genitals.

Integrative gynecology allows us to treat the woman as a whole, seeing her as something more than just a uterus, a vagina and ovaries. Genital lightening is one of the most painless treatments of aesthetic gynecology and allows to beautify the appearance of the skin of the genitals that has undergone changes due to hormonal imbalances, depilation, aging…

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