CO2 laser

The genital laser consists of directing a beam of light towards the anterior and posterior faces of the vagina by means of a vaginal probe; or, towards the vulvar skin by means of a specific probe. The laser light increases the temperature of the tissues causing increased collagen production and remodeling, improving the tone, consistency, circulation and thickness of the skin and mucosa.


Genital rejuvenation, genital hyperlaxity, urinary incontinence, condyloma, sebaceous cysts, scars, blemishes, etc.


Vagina and vulva.

Treatment time

20 minutes

Type of anesthesia

Topical (cream)

Frequency of treatment

1 every 45 days

3 sessions

Level of discomfort



The social and occupational recovery is immediate, after the end of the consultation. Results begin to be noticed one month after the first session.

CO2 laser

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have the treatment?

The CO2 laser is indicated for patients with urinary incontinence, vaginal hyperlaxity or relaxation syndrome, repeated vaginal infections, lichen, condylomas, scars… Since it can be applied for ablative, surgical or regenerative purposes, it is used in many pathologies.

Is there any risk in applying the laser to my intimate area?

The most important risk is burns. However, as each case is studied individually, a specific protocol is developed for each of them, being able to choose the amount of energy applied, the number of passes, the extent of the area to be treated and the frequency of the sessions.

Do I have to apply any special care to my intimate area before and after the treatment?

Depending on the case, the indications are different. Generally, in patients with a high degree of atrophy (genital dryness) I indicate them to do 3 sessions of vaginal radiofrequency prior to the laser (to avoid burns) or I apply vaginal hyaluronic acid for hydration to improve the trophism of the mucosa.

After the laser treatment, I recommend 5-7 days of treatment with regenerative ova to avoid infections, as well as sexual abstinence and avoid sitz baths and vaginal manipulation.

Once the patient has the laser treatment, she can return to her normal life without requiring rest or any special care.

Why should I have the treatment?

Because it is a safe and effective way to treat frequent pathologies such as genital dryness, recurrent infections, enlarged vaginas, prolapses, condylomas… you offer patients a solution to their pathologies, thus improving their quality of life in 1-3 sessions.

Gynecology without taboos

Genital rejuvenation is not a fad, it can be a necessity for our intimate health. CO2 laser is one of the most effective treatments to improve the tone, consistency, circulation and thickness of the skin and mucosa. Don’t settle for business as usual, better intimate health is possible.

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