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I am Dr. Bárbara Fernández del Bas, a gynecologist specializing in sexology, integrative and functional gynecology and anti-aging medicine. Thanks to my training, my approach to my patients is always global. I am aware that we are more than breasts, uterus and ovaries. We are a whole. That is why I am always looking for the latest scientific advances to make them available to every woman who needs them.

Clínica ginecológica Madrid

Functional gynecology

Functional gynecology prevents aging of your intimate area and restores genital and sexual functionality. To achieve the objectives, I will use both non-invasive and surgical techniques.

Clínica ginecológica Madrid

Integrative gynecology

This practice is especially designed for women seeking an integrative and holistic gynecological approach. We will treat menopause, amenorrhea, PCOS, fertility and pregnancy, always following the current protocols of the main scientific societies.

Clínica ginecológica Madrid


Aging is a physiological process that will come to all of us. But what if I told you we could slow it down. The goal is for you to reach your 80s feeling like you’re 50. Thanks to exhaustive analysis and a personalized work plan, I can help you achieve this.


Evaluación personalizada.

Pruebas específicas: analíticas sanguíneas, estudio intracelular, estudio genético, pruebas órgano específicas.

Tratamiento nutraceútico, oral, intramuscular y endovenoso

Tratamiento probióticos

Tratamiento hormonal de reemplazo

Terapia neural


Tratamiento regenerativo

Más información

Gynecologist in Madrid

My passion for my profession motivates me to continue to develop professionally and offer my patients the best treatments with the most cutting-edge technology on the market. I am constantly searching for innovative solutions to women’s gynecological problems with integrative and anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Fernández del Bas

  • Lic. in Medicine from the Univ. Complutense de Madrid
  • Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Anti-aging expert
  • Professor at UNIR and AMIR
  • Speaker at national and international conferences
  • Author of scientific articles

Philosophy of life

If you want to maximize your well-being, slow down the aging process with a holistic approach to preventive medicine, improve your sex life and your intimate health; come see me at my office, I will be happy to help you.

  • Hormonal consultation
  • Functional and gynecoesthetic gynecology
  • General integrative gynecology
  • Anti-aging medicine
  • Sexology

Gynecology and anti-aging medicine

Welcome to my blog. These articles are written to inform about gynecology and anti-aging medicine, under no circumstances should they be considered a medical recommendation. If you think you need treatment, please always consult a physician.

What my patients say

More than 90% of new patients remain so after many years.

  • I have no words to describe the great experience I have had with the gynecologist Barbara.
    I would like to thank the perfect attention and quick response of the person who manages the WhatsApp and highlight the kindness of the professionals who were in charge of the reception.
    The doctor has been extremely kind and empathetic, explaining that I have vaginismus. He has treated me with great care and words of encouragement. I have not felt any pain.

    Sara Garcia
  • Excellent professional, very attentive, explains in detail the different treatment options, very empathetic.

    Catalina Gonzalez
  • I went with a very severe problem, after having gone to many other gynecologists and the doctor was able to diagnose it right away and I am in treatment with her. For that I am very grateful.
    I find her very professional and empathetic with the patients.

    Yolanda Martín