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Vaginismus: what you should know about this sexual dysfunction


This is a more frequent question than it seems and one that many of us women have asked ourselves at some point and for fear or embarrassment we have not verbalized it out loud.

Sexual dysfunctions are no longer a taboo for women and it is necessary to continue advancing in their normalization and knowledge. Therefore, today I bring you this article that analyzes and delves into the characteristics, causes and consequences of vaginismus. So that, among all of us, we can achieve healthy sexual relations where we can enjoy comfortable and safe sex.


It is an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina, in the form of spasms, which produces its narrowing and, therefore, makes it difficult to carry out penetration in sexual intercourse, the introduction of objects or the performance of gynecological examinations. It is a reflex action that cannot be controlled by the woman, so physical pain often causes other types of problems derived from the impossibility of regulating this pathology.


The main and most frequent symptom is the inability to perform penetration during sexual intercourse without pain. The external muscles of the vagina close, preventing any entry, making it impossible to control.

There are two types of vaginismus:

  • That which occurs when a woman has sexual intercourse for the first time. Fear, insecurity and ignorance cause this reflex action to occur without it necessarily being a problem with the woman’s body. As it is something irrational, it is more difficult to detect the causes and it is more a psychological issue than a purely physical one.
  • When it occurs repeatedly due to the pain of penetration (dyspareunia) and contraction of the vagina. In this case, clear symptoms are present and can be treated with an efficient gynecological examination. Within my practice, we address sexual dysfunctions as part of functional gynecology to offer you the best gynecology services. The problem is always treated with a multidisciplinary approach to get you back to enjoying any relationship and getting the pleasure you deserve.

Another factor to be taken into account is that a total or partial blockage of the vaginal area may occur. This depends on the type of contraction and duration of the contraction. We can also find global vaginismus, which is always present and affects with any action, and circumstantial vaginismus, which occurs in certain situations and as a reaction to specific stimuli.

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The most common causes linked to vaginismus are diverse and it must be clear that they do not derive from a narrow or small vagina as it is often believed. In some cases it may be a problem that, without a specific cause, comes to light as an involuntary response of the body. However, in most cases the causes include one or more of these factors:

  • Concern derived from insecurity in sexual relations. This causes our body to react automatically in response to the psychological factor.
  • Previous abuse or sexual trauma.
  • Previous damage to the vagina that has altered the normal functioning of the muscles.
  • Pain or discomfort in the surrounding areas.
  • Uncomfortable and unpleasant sexual relations.
  • Fears and problems associated with the relationship with the partner.
  • Mental health factors.


As it is a pain associated with sexual intercourse, the consequences go beyond the physical ones. It can produce psychological disorders derived from insecurities and the inability to perform penetration. In the life of a couple, it can be a trigger for a decrease in affectivity, lack of sexual pleasure and, consequently, the frustration that comes from not being able to enjoy with the person you love. To prevent the stress or anxiety that can cause this type of situation, it is necessary to know that vaginismus exists in order to detect it in time and provide a solution.


Before starting treatment, it is necessary to know in detail the causes of vaginismus in women. For this, we perform a thorough gynecological examination to determine what may be best for this dysfunction.

Treatments include:

  • V-Relax: this treatment consists of the application of a neurotoxin in the area of the vaginal muscles to achieve relief during sexual intercourse. The treatment time is 30 minutes and should be applied every 2 or 12 months depending on the patient. You will begin to notice results 7-14 days after application and you will be able to practice penetration at least 15 days after the procedure.

  • Genital radiofrequency:
    is performed in the vaginal area and consists of the application of radiofrequency through heat that causes the regeneration of the skin and its mucous membranes, increasing the natural lubrication of the tissues and an increase in tightening. It lasts only 12 minutes, no anesthesia is required and the treatment lasts 3 months with one session every month. You will only have to wait one day to have sex and there are no side effects.
  • Pelvic floor physiotherapy: another option that can be chosen is the application of specific exercises for the muscles of the vagina. In this way, you will be able to control the muscle movements, helping the voluntary relaxation of the vaginal area.
  • Sexology: when the problem derives from a psychological factor such as previous sexual traumas or insecurities, it is advisable to treat the problem from the mental health side in order to gain confidence, security and self-esteem. It is also necessary to have sex education to know ourselves and to be able to determine what is going wrong in sexual relations.


Because sexual relations are to enjoy them, so if you see that something does not work, you do not get to enjoy or if you have a problem with your body in them do not hesitate to come to my office to try to solve it. Because sexual pain is not normal and you should not let it affect your quality of life. Therefore, I approach this pathology with a multidisciplinary approach, taking into account all the factors that may surround and affect the patient. Don’t hesitate any longer and don’t let pain come between you and your orgasm. There is a solution and we can make it happen. Request your gynecological appointment or contact me directly. I will be happy to help you.

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Soy la doctora Bárbara Fernández del Bas, ginecóloga especialista en sexología, ginecología integrativa, funcional y medicina antienvejecimiento. Gracias a mi formación, la aproximación a mis pacientes siempre es de forma global. Soy consciente de que somos más que mamas, útero y ovarios. Somos un todo. Por eso, siempre busco los últimos avances científicos para ponerlos a disposición de toda mujer que los necesite

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