Healthy aging

From a few decades ago until today we have seen how life expectancy has been increasing, people live longer and enjoy more years of those things they like the most.
This extra time is associated with the concept of longevity: to live as many years as possible with health and quality of life. Achieving this state of well-being in old age is only possible if we have the right tools to promote healthy aging.

In today’s post I talk about healthy aging and how to achieve it with anti-aging medicine.

What is aging?

Aging starts to become noticeable especially after the age of 50. It is then that we begin to notice the inevitable changes that come with the passage of time: structural, hormonal and metabolic. For example, physical pain, muscle reduction, urinary incontinence or menopause.
In addition, aging depends on important life events that influence the state of physical or mental health of each person, such as continuous work stress or the death of a loved one. All these changes are relative. Each person is different and the changes may appear sooner or later and affect in one way or another.

What about healthy aging?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy aging is the
healthy aging
is “the process of promoting and maintaining the functional capacity that enables well-being in old age”. Functional capacity refers to people’s ability to do what is important to them.

Longer life expectancy offers opportunities to enjoy life longer and to do all those things we have pending or wish we had done years before: to do new activities, to travel, to enjoy family time… To achieve all these goals we must be in good health, and this is where the opportunity for healthy aging comes in. Getting older is not up to us; however, taking care of our lifestyle and health is. Maintaining or starting healthy lifestyle habits as the years go by is very important to delay the appearance of the changes I mentioned above.

Aging today

WHO data and figures on aging today show that most of the population has a life expectancy of 60 years or more. In fact, the number of people aged 60 and over exceeds the number of children under 5.

In addition, between 2020 and 2030, the percentage of people over 60 years of age is expected to increase by 34%. This means that by 2030, 1 in 6 people in the world (1,400 people) will be 60 years of age or older, a number that will double by 2050.

Observing current data and future forecasts, we can affirm that we are facing a change in the distribution of the population towards older ages, that is, an aging of the population. In view of this situation, it is vitally important to start taking measures to guarantee a quality of life for people before and during old age.

The Decade of Healthy Aging

Since last year we have been in an era called the Decade of Healthy Aging. This was declared by the United Nations General Assembly, which left the WHO responsible for its implementation.

The Decade is a worldwide collaborative project that aims to unite the efforts of the different social and professional groups that make up the population: governments, international organizations, professionals, civil society, the private sector… to ensure longer and healthier lives.

Functional and integrative gynecology and anti-aging medicine are clear contributors to achieving this goal as they improve the quality of life of women at all stages of their lives.

What can anti-aging medicine do?

Aging is a process, just another stage in our lives, so we must deal with it in the best possible way. The
anti-aging medicine
Anti-aging or longevity medicine provides solutions to cognitive and motor problems that arise during the course of a woman’s life.

In longevity consultations, different exhaustive analyses are performed to check the patient’s general condition:

  • Of mineralization, vitamins and heavy minerals in tissues
  • Genetics
  • Epigenetics
  • High value: brain health, digestive, immune, etc.

Once the patient has been analyzed in depth and her clinical and personal history is known, a completely personalized and integrative treatment is designed. May include:

  • Orthomolecular nutrition
  • Microimmunotherapy
  • Personalized nutritional and sports plans
  • Hormone therapy
  • Etc.

If you want to reach your 80’s feeling as if you were 50 years old, ask for an appointment with me, in my office you will achieve a healthy aging.

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