hyaluronic acid labia majora volumization

This treatment consists of the application of highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid with the objective of increasing the volume of the labia majora.


Loss of labia majora volume or dissatisfaction with the original shape of the labia majora.


Labia majora

Treatment time

45 minutes

Type of anesthesia

Topical and local

Frequency of treatment

Every 12 – 14 months

Level of discomfort



Work and social recovery is 24 hours after the end of the consultation. The results are immediate.

hyaluronic acid labia majora volumization

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have the treatment?

Not only does aging affect our bodies, but our genitals (vulva and vagina) also suffer from the effects of aging. As a consequence, the vulva (labia majora and labia minora) experience a loss of volume and flaccidity that can result in a worsening of their appearance, as well as in a loss of their function: they stop wrapping correctly the entrance of the vagina (introitus) favoring genital discomfort and infections, they stop exercising their mechanical protective function, and pain may appear with sexual intercourse, among others.

Any recommendations for taking care of my intimate area after treatment?

You should avoid impact sports and prolonged sitting for the first 24 hours after treatment. You should apply a cream every day during the first week.

What are the risks of this treatment?

As a consequence of the infiltration, hematomas, erythema, edema and accumulations of product may appear. Generally all these complications are self-limiting and resolve within a few days.

What physical changes will I notice?

You will notice fuller labia and a much more youthful appearance.


Having the intimate area cared for and being satisfied with its shape and volume can be complicated, however, thanks to the treatment of labia majora volumization it can be achieved. If you are not completely satisfied and need a change, integrative gynecology can help you. Because there is nothing better than feeling good about yourself.

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