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Genital thread tighteners

The genital placement of reabsorbable tensor threads aims to regenerate tissues, harmonize the anatomy and strengthen genital structures in a non-surgical way.


Urinary incontinence, vaginal hyperlaxity, vulvar hyperlaxity and genital rejuvenation.


Vulva and vagina.

Treatment time

60 – 90 minutes

Type of anesthesia

Topical and local

Frequency of treatment

Every 24 – 36 months if required by the patient

Level of discomfort



Work and social recovery is after twenty days. The results are immediate.

Genital thread tighteners

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have the treatment?

Because it is a minimally invasive technique that will avoid surgery in case of pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, vaginoplasty, among others.

Any recommendations for taking care of my intimate area after treatment?

You should maintain relative rest and sexual abstinence for 2 – 3 weeks. And carry out all the indications according to your characteristics and type of intervention.

What are the risks involved in the placement of tensor threads?

The most frequent complications are the appearance of hematomas, bleeding, discomfort, etc. …

Are there any contraindications to the treatment?

Like any treatment, it must be indicated by a properly trained professional and it is not a technique that works for all cases.


Taking care of your intimate area has never been so easy. Integrative and regenerative gynecology allows treatments such as genital tightening threads to improve the health of your vulva and vagina. Thanks to the reabsorbable tensor threads you will be able to harmonize and strengthen genital structures.

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